Nutanix NX gets the Skylake update

Starting in December of 2017 the Skylake refresh began not only bringing faster clock speeds, increased core density but also larger RAM capacity. The NX-3060 model was the first in the portfolio for the refresh – a popular choice due to its compute density of 4 x dual CPU servers in 2U – delivering up to 768GB RAM per node using 24 DIMMs. This model can now be part populated when using an all flash disk layout offering 2, 4 and 6 (maximum) options.  Expect to see the other models get their upgrades in Q1 and beginning of Q2 CY2018.

What about NVMe? Keep an eye on the disk options as the G6 models will start to feature the latest generation storage into all except the NX-1000 series over the course of this year. It’s worth noting that the NVMe support arrived in G5 for one model only, the NX-9030, specifically to underpin the RDMA feature, click here for more information.


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