What features are available in AHV?

A common question arising at nearly all meetings with customers when reviewing hypervisor options, let’s dig into the features with ‘generic’ descriptions.

High Availability (HA)

  • The ability to recover virtual machines to another physical hypervisor host in the event it should become unavailable – whether through logical configuration errors or physical catastrophic problems
  • In AHV this feature is OFF by default is enabled in Prism via an ON/OFF toggle. There are no further configuration options relating to over-subscription or virtual machine power policies

Adaptive Distributed Scheduling (ADS)

  • Intelligently distributing virtual machines within the Nutanix Cluster based upon the observed resource consumption
  • This feature is ON by default and can be turned OFF at the command line
  • The distribution decision making operates at the compute and storage levels

Migrating Virtual Machines (Migrate)

  • The process of seamlessly migrating a running virtual machine from one physical hypervisor host to another
  • By default the host is chosen automatically although there is an option to select a preferred host

Hypervisor Management

  • There is no requirement to install management applications or database servers to manage an individual Nutanix Cluster, the Controller Virtual Machines present the Prism management console
  • Multiple Nutanix Clusters can be individually managed or connected to Prism Central
  • Prism Central manages multiple Nutanix Clusters, regardless of their underlying hypervisor

Just to recap on the items above, these are all native in the Prism software and not licensable extras. AHV is included with all Nutanix nodes and not a chargeable hypervisor.

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