What is One-Click?

A phrase used throughout Nutanix messaging, one-click upgrades, simply put is full automation for updating / patching an entire Nutanix environment – software as well as hardware. Using a tool removes the need for an administrator to review webpages of release code, determining whether it’s applicable then cross referencing through an interoperability matrix. No errors, no downtime.

What’s the process?

  • Prism can be enabled to automatically download the latest release(s) – but not apply. Alternatively an administrator can manually upload the files if the Nutanix cluster cannot route to the internet
  • The upgrade process follows a non-disruptive rolling update workflow regardless of the hypervisor
  • An upgrade cannot commence until a set of pre-requisite tasks has completed
  • The upgrade cannot be aborted once it starts

What can be updated?

The items listed below have their own release cycles and can updated independently.

  • AOS which includes Prism
  • Hypervisors
  • Upgrades and patching to hypervisors (functionality varies)
  • System Firmware (Disk, BIOS, Out of Band Management, Disk HBA, SATADOM)
  • Foundation
  • NCC (Nutanix Cluster Check)
  • AFS (Acropolis File Services)

Due to the shared-nothing architecture the one-click workflows can be instigated at any point in time, little or no need to schedule ‘Change Control Windows’ announcing to the business, ‘Planned Maintenance with reduced service’. Those days are a thing of the past.


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