Minjar Botmetric – new to the family

Adopting “Cloud” for an organisation is by no means a quick Yes/No answer. Data governance, compliance, accountability, responsibility, potentially shifting CapEX to OpEX,… the list goes on and we haven’t even touched on the benefits of hosted computing. All that said more companies are cherry picking the bits of Cloud they feel comfortable with for point solutions and this is where the Enterprise Cloud story of Nutanix really begins to pick up. As we know Nutanix is agnostic to the underlying hypervisor and looking at the recent announcement of Xi Cloud and launch of CALM the choice of cloud connectivity is coming to light.

Botmetric will inject the functionality Nutanix need to replay cost back when choosing an appropriate platform for an application set or batch of workloads. Wrap governance intelligence into this engine and immediately application owners and business units are prevented from choosing the wrong location of their company’s data. Key highlights:

  • Cost Optimisation and Analytics
  • Centralised Budgeting
  • Intelligent Consumption Planning

Nutanix full press release here


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