Xi Leap launched

Xi Leap is live

Nearly a year after its announcement at the .Next Conference in Washington, Xi Leap is now live. This day one release provides Disaster Recovery for Nutanix customers with initial availability zones located in the east (Ashburn, VA) and west (Oakland, CA & Santa Clara, CA) coast of the USA with EMEA to follow later in 2019.

Costing is dictated by recovery level plans Bronze / Silver / Gold and of course according to how much resource is required. As with most of Nutanix’s new technology releases a trial period is available free of charge for testing and evaluation purposes.

What does this mean for Nutanix customers?

Existing customers with Nutanix deployments on-prem can simply connect to the Xi Leap cloud service via their Prism Central console and choose an availability zone as a DR location. Virtual machines that have been selected for DR will be replicated in a secure and non-disruptive manner with ‘runbook’ policy features applied. Features such as Boot Order, Priority, Dependency and Network Settings are available for configuring. Test scenarios can also be instigated to validate the step recovery while remaining ‘ring-fenced’ from the live network. Prism Central remains the focal point for all reporting aspects too providing insights into costing, VMs, RPO and DR status as well as the expected alert and notification elements.


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