Nutanix AOS 5.15 (LTS), what’s new?

Today sees the latest LTS release of AOS 5.15 with only a single new feature added. This release includes the AOS 5.11 STS features alongside a list of software updates.  Why only one new feature?  The LTS stream typically gets fewer new features included in comparison to the STS stream as it focuses on core updates and, only when new a feature has been proven in the STS stream will it make its way over. 

The new feature of AOS 5.15 is:

  • VMCP-APD Support for Metro (Witness setup)

A recap of the 5.11 features now included in 5.15:

  • 120 TiB supported capacity per node
  • Prism Element to Prism Central traffic optimisation (note that Prism Element must be 5.10.3 or higher)
  • Network traffic separation for iSCSI and DR traffic
  • Compute Only nodes (AHV only)
  • AHV now includes support for guest VMs requiring UEFI
  • Near-Sync support for VMware’s SRM
  • Near-Sync support for Nutanix Files
  • Storage QoS, specifically for Virtual Machine IOPS limiting
  • VMware ESXi to Xi Leap (DRaaS)
  • Two-node cluster expansion to 3 nodes
  • Nutanix Guest Tools (NGT) installation to multiple (simultaneously) VMware vSphere VMs
  • X-Play administrative task automation (Requires Prism Pro License)

The release notes delve into further detail and are available through the Support Portal here.


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