Nutanix renames core products

The evolution of the Nutanix suite has seen periodic announcements for a new 'xyz' feature built in to its formidable HCI offering. After a while the product names need re-aligning to provide consistency in the message of the what the overall architecture delivers, which, is exactly what's just happened. AFS (Acropolis Files Services) is now … Continue reading Nutanix renames core products

Nutanix Frame for Desktop-as-a-Service

Nutanix formally announces its acquisition of Frame, a desktop as a service company - the official Nutanix press release can be read here. In a nutshell, expect to see this slot into the Xi Cloud Service portfolio as the next X-as-a-Service offering, not forgetting, of course, the up and coming release of Xi Cloud DR-as-a-Service … Continue reading Nutanix Frame for Desktop-as-a-Service

Nutanix welcomes Netsil

Managing multiple clouds means more consoles and 'API glue' plus we mustn't forget the training and self-professed subject matter experts (SMEs) in each area. As organisations choose cloud services based on their needs a single wrapped up management point is required, this is where Netsil come into play and build further on Nutanix's Enterprise Cloud … Continue reading Nutanix welcomes Netsil

Minjar Botmetric – new to the family

Adopting "Cloud" for an organisation is by no means a quick Yes/No answer. Data governance, compliance, accountability, responsibility, potentially shifting CapEX to OpEX,... the list goes on and we haven't even touched on the benefits of hosted computing. All that said more companies are cherry picking the bits of Cloud they feel comfortable with for … Continue reading Minjar Botmetric – new to the family