Nutanix AOS 5.11 (STS), what’s new?

In this release, slightly delayed compared to the previous STS cadence, the following features have been announced.

  • 120 TiB supported capacity per node
  • Prism Element to Prism Central traffic optimisation (note that Prism Element must be 5.10.3 or higher)
  • Network traffic separation for iSCSI and DR traffic
  • Compute Only nodes (AHV only)
  • AHV now includes support for guest VMs requiring UEFI
  • Near-Sync support for VMware’s SRM
  • Near-Sync support for Nutanix Files
  • Storage QoS, specifically for Virtual Machine IOPS limiting
  • VMware ESXi to Xi Leap (DRaaS)
  • Two-node cluster expansion to 3 nodes
  • Nutanix Guest Tools (NGT) installation to multiple (simultaneously) VMware vSphere VMs
  • X-Play administrative task automation (Requires Prism Pro License)

Further details of the features along with bug fixes are published in the release notes within the Support Portal.


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